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the official studio of hope + Mary ceramics and louisa guild jewelry


Hope + Mary 

Each piece by Hope + Mary is hand made and unique. Hope uses a Korean technique called mishima to create images on her pieces. Each image is hand drawn onto the surface of the clay with a needle tool. After Hope is finished with the drawing, she will cover the piece with black slip. Once the slip is dry, she carefully wipes away the excess slip leaving behind the drawn image.


louisa guild jewelry

Louisa Colmore Hurst grew up on a farm in the North Georgia Mountains with her brothers and sisters where her love of nature and its bounty began. Time was spent out-of-doors with family where creativity was encouraged and necessary. She harnesses her life experiences, Natural resources and her idea of lasting beauty to produce pieces that can be worn tirelessly and that have a confident soulful vibe.


modern home decor and more

featuring: hawkins new york simple waffle towels and other carefully selected fine goods